Spiral Consort is an ensemble of musicians who use an unusual instrument- the conch shell. This work of nature is the original trumpet, used since 10,000 B.C.

Spiral Consort is a group of professional brass players from jazz, classical, brass band, baroque, disciplines using techniques of improvisation (of note are the color card and hand signal systems) as well as written compositions to make a new music.

The sound is particularly physical. A main objective of the group is to find interesting acoustic environments for their performances (of note are performances in Antwerp central train station, St. Michiels church in Leuven, Music Academy St. Truiden, Pedestrian tunnel under the river Schelde, a woods in rural Belgium).

They also work in live and studio environments with electronic influences and techniques (of note is collaboration with Andrew Claes, saxophone and electronics).

Having recorded one CD in 2008, Cosmic Sequence, there is now a second collection of new works, Codes. A limited edition release is available as of June, 2013.

Codes was recorded in the Kievitsnest Kerk, Antwerp, and the basement of Villanella, Antwerp.
Both of these are highly resonant spaces and were a pleasure to experience. The church we know well (Cosmic Sequence was recorded there) but the basement was new. It was formerly the safe and storage area of a major bank in the city center, now empty, a beautiful rectangular cave.

We recorded live using loops and delays to create some complex textures to contrast with other more simple harmonies. We also used brass instruments, trumpets, cornetto, tuba and alto horn in some of the pieces. There is one loop of a toy and the sound of the tram passing.

many thanks go to Villanella for letting us work there and Afreux for helping with the cover.
also thanks to Jo Thielmans for engineering.

Codes is so far a limited edition of 100.

Spiral Consort recorded it's first cd, Cosmic Sequence, in 2008.
They utilized the fantastic acoustic of an empty, squatted, but certainly not abandoned church in Antwerp, Belgium.
This recording features pieces for shells only, shells and electronics, and brass instruments.
The title track, Cosmic Sequence is based on tones derived from the Fibonacci sequence, a fascinating mathematical algorithm that occurs and reoccurs in nature (of note is its manifestation in the shape of a shell).

This document of the group's early work is available by contacting us!

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